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A Supply Chain professional since 1998, in depth knowledge of international trade, EXIM approaches, supply chain and trade necessities.

A qualified Information Technology Specialist with fine skills of software development, web development, Programming Languages, Digital Marketing, Web Designing, Animation and Multimedia etc.

A Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional

A Google Analytics Individual & Google Campaign Manager Certified Professional.

15 M+

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What We Are

Business Network Gateway (BNG) is an online place that was created as an online portal that gives all series of services to businesses and customers that helps in reaching out the product from the manufacturer to the consumer.

The portal is a B2B (Business to Business) marketplace founded by the BNG INFO MEDIA & TECHNOLOGIES LLP.

BNG doesn't just supervise connecting buyers and sellers via the platform but also allows all kinds of manufactures, exporters, importers, buyers, and sellers worldwide to find a commonplace online for their product.


BNG has a group of professionals with whom you can have a conversation on any difficulties you are facing while trading. No matter how small or big the problem is, you can reach out to us anytime freely. Our internal team of professionals connects you with the right members for the right solutions worldwide.


To provide services as an ALL-IN-ONE online B2B platform for networking, advertising, and business for small and medium businesses to grow.


BNG connects with verified customers across the globe.

BNG helps you with verified leads.

BNG is also an advertising agency in promoting your company.

BNG also promote through social media handles via Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In, etc.

Emailing in quantity to introduce your company to the masses.

Collects genuine customer data.

Also, connect you with the right customers for huge engagement.

Provides safe and secure shipping services by certified international shipping companies.


    To reduce all the difficulties and provide end-2-end solutions in whatever service we provide whether it might be

  • Inquiry to supply of goods
  • Security
  • Transparency
  • Inquiry to payments
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Ease of use while trading etc

BNG aims to provide 100% stress-free security to all partners.


In one word—Security. BNG doesn't encourage any business to sell illegal products or give illegal services. BNG makes sure that every user undergoes a strict verification process before proceeding.

Every product has to go through a product security test and verification to provide buyers a perfect buying experience.

BNG ensures that you are at the side of receiving safe and reliable products and payments.


BNG has never disappointed any business with customer services. We ensure to solve any query within 24-48 hours of reach. We invest our effort and time to be a helping hand at every step of the trade.

Our highly experienced and professional team is available 24/7 to give timely solutions.